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Recently, I went to the Miele appliance showroom in Beverly Hills to see a Miele oven and dishwasher that were specified for a kitchen I'm currently working on.  Since the oven was to be installed flush in a contemporary kitchen I needed the exact dimensions to assure a good fit.  Also, it was important to inspect the control panel on the top of the dishwasher door since we had a custom reveal detail.  The wood panel on the front of the dishwasher needed to be installed slightly higher on the dishwasher to work with the reveal and I wanted to be sure the customer would be able to access the control panel without any problem. 

In it's self this story isn't very interesting.  What is interesting is the comment that the Miele salesman made to me as I was leaving.  He said that he wished more cabinetmakers would stop by the showroom to see the appliances so they could integrate them properly.  You see, Miele appliances are made to be installed flush with the cabinet doors.  They are designed to have a very clean fit.  In many instances little thought is given to the fit and finish of the appliances.  The salesman said he was tired of seeing kitchens featuring Miele appliances without any thought given to the finished look.  I guess that's sort of like getting your Aston Martin painted with a $99.00 one day paint job.

    Russ Hirsch

    Owner of Hirsch Custom Cabinets.  I didn't pick this trade, it picked me.  Even as a young boy I rummaged around construction sites to get scrap wood and bent nails off the ground for building projects.


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