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As promised, although at a much later date, I have posted photos of the Plyboo office project in Malibu.  If you click on the "Contemporary Gallery" page and select the third choice "Contemporary Offices, Closets & More" you will see photos of the Plyboo office cabinets.  Because this customer was concerned about using sustainable and non-toxic materials we used Plyboo bamboo material with Mono-coat, zero VOC, finish.  This project just goes to show that "green" can be beautiful!
We have just completed our first major "green" project.  We used Plyboo bamboo plywood and Monocoat Oil Plus to finish the job.  The project was a home office in Malibu and everyone loves the look.   As soon as I get photos I will post them along with more written information.
Recently, I made my first pool table.  Having grown up playing pool and being a cabinetmaker, I always wanted to make a pool table.  The oportunity presented itself when one of my customers had a traditional style pool table and wanted it to be contemporary.  So, after some reverse engineering and some valuable advice from an expert, I completed my first pool table.  My customer was thrilled.  Soon after that I made another one, this time from scratch.  You can see pictures of it on my Pool Table page.
 While this post is about one specific contractor, it is not a slight to other contractors I work with.  The contractors I work with on a continuing basis are by far, I think, the best.  That's why I like working with them.  It's when I work directly with a homeowner that I meet other contractors.  Some of them are OK, some of them are not.  An then there are those who are especially good!  This is about one of the good ones. 

 While working on a recent job, I met the owner of the Athena Tile store on Parthenia Street in Northridge, CA, Toby Laughton.  He was suppling the tile and marble for the master bathroom.  Part of his service included the design, for no extra charge.  He was on the jobsite because the homeowner was having difficulties with their general contractor and the contractor's tile installer.  Not only does Toby sell tile, he installs it too.  So he helped the homeowner with tile installation also.  Toby was very easy to work with and the homeowner LOVED him.  Now, I'm working with Toby on another project, and I learned that in addition to being a licensed general contractor he does design work for the entire home as well.  I think this is such a unique combination.  As I looked through his extensive  portfolio, I was very impressed with his eye for design.  Being the general contractor and the designer, he has complete control in getting the subcontractors to implement his designs to acheive the desired goal.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen friction between the general contractor and the designer, or the homeowner,  resulting in extra expense to the customer and a compromised job.  General contractors that understand and appreciate the design concept and therefore, embrace it and implement it properly, are few and far between.  Toby's design and construction company goes by the name Dreamworks Construction.   www.mydreamworksconstruction.com
Recently, I went to the Miele appliance showroom in Beverly Hills to see a Miele oven and dishwasher that were specified for a kitchen I'm currently working on.  Since the oven was to be installed flush in a contemporary kitchen I needed the exact dimensions to assure a good fit.  Also, it was important to inspect the control panel on the top of the dishwasher door since we had a custom reveal detail.  The wood panel on the front of the dishwasher needed to be installed slightly higher on the dishwasher to work with the reveal and I wanted to be sure the customer would be able to access the control panel without any problem. 

In it's self this story isn't very interesting.  What is interesting is the comment that the Miele salesman made to me as I was leaving.  He said that he wished more cabinetmakers would stop by the showroom to see the appliances so they could integrate them properly.  You see, Miele appliances are made to be installed flush with the cabinet doors.  They are designed to have a very clean fit.  In many instances little thought is given to the fit and finish of the appliances.  The salesman said he was tired of seeing kitchens featuring Miele appliances without any thought given to the finished look.  I guess that's sort of like getting your Aston Martin painted with a $99.00 one day paint job.
This is my first post, ever!  I plan to use this space to relay day-to-day experiences I have in the cabinetmaking business.

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